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Make your project a success with our custom web development services. Ensure the successful creation of your online-related company platforms, such as websites, web apps, and progressive web apps with our best web app development services.

We can handle website and .NET application development projects of any size because we have digital project management, exceptional designs, and development all under a single roof.

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Web Devlopment

We are a team of web developers, designers, and online digital marketing specialists with extensive expertise, dedication, and knowledge who collaborate to create an engaging digital experience. We are experts in .Net development, PHP. Node js, Angular and react and mostly works with the CMS platforms WordPress, Drupal, Magento and DNN. Try our business executives to acquire a sense of actual professionalism and exceptional custom website creation services.

CMS Integration

From configuration to administration and maintenance, Technosoft offers straightforward CMS integration solutions. We use best practices in systems integration and emphasis on the editor’s experience, simplicity and flexibility, as well as unique processes, to guarantee that your CMS meets your specific requirements.

Custom development

We always ensure that applications are designed, created, tested, and implemented quickly. Our domain expertise allows us to create a scalable and flexible application. Our custom programming service includes web apps as well as consulting services to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s operations and requirements in order to help you increase efficiency, automate chores, and improve client contact.

Application development

For flexible and unique solutions, we provide custom app development services. To give a high-quality solution to your particular demands, we mix DevOps, compliance, and security. Because of Technosoft’s expertise in cutting-edge custom application development, updated technology, web app development, and software solutions, our clients’ applications have a longer shelf life and require less maintenance and support.


Set up your online storefront for success. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform as well as designing and developing your e-commerce website. We take on and maintain connectivity with the inventory system, sales ( pos ), accounting, payment gateways, and your shipping system while extending the functionality and security features of your store.

System integrations

Do you require assistance in integrating your online systems with your websites? Our System Integration Services provides a connected architecture for improved application compatibility and system connectivity. We can link your application or web applications with third-party systems that operate other elements of your business, such as your CRM, e-commerce platforms, and customer experience platforms, whether they are new or existing.

Project Delivery

Big initiatives necessitate a lot of help. From idea development to development and delivery, Zeroseven’s skilled project management team will oversee your online and digital projects. To achieve project delivery accomplishment, we use flexible or agile development models and combine quality assurance techniques.


Start your project with a brainstorming session with your project stakeholders and our experienced team of UI designers, Application developers, UX specialists, and project managers. Whether it’s commercial or enterprise website development, custom application development, audits, or development consulting, we can help you find out the ideal solution.

Are you sure your digital perimeter is secure? We’ll analyse your website and application in this activity, by focusing on the project’s security, cyber and data security procedures that are best in class, and risk mitigation. We will go through all of these to ensure overall security.

Don’t know where your system is going wrong? We can provide a technical review of your website or application, focusing on the product’s technical ability, the hosting and technology utilised, and the system’s speed and performance. We’ll provide you with comments and suggestions so you can take action.

Is your website or application taking too long to load? User experience and search engine optimization both benefit from a quick load time. Here we’ll help you identify and diagnose the problems that are slowing down your webpage load time and offer solutions to enhance speed and efficiency.

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